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Sharp AQUOS HD LC-90LE657U

How good is this tv? Not all tvs are made for the same purpose. Everyone has different needs. Does the Sharp AQUOS HD LC-90LE657U fit your needs? Read reviews at Amazon.com
Sharp AQUOS HD LC-90LE657U

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  • Amazon : $6299

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    The Details

    Are the pros and cons on this tv fit what you are looking for?


    price icon price
    Suggested retail price
    Save money
    type icon type
    How the TV is physically displayed
    • Uses less power than plasma.
    • Watch TV with more than 75 degrees without degrading the contrast.
    • Usually costs more than plasma with the same specs.


    screen size icon screen size
    Size of the screen measured diagnally
    • One of the largest screen TVs available
    refresh rate icon refresh rate
    How many images displayed per second
    Higher refresh rates reduce motion blur on fast moving scenes.
    • Good if you are gaming on a PC with more than 60 frames per second.
    • Noticeable difference in improvement for reducing motion blur than 60Hz.
    resolution icon resolution
    Number of pixels on the physical screen
    Higher resolution makes it look sharper and clearer.
    • Best value for the price and quality.
    • Still be a popular resolution for the next few years.


    smart tv icon smart tv
    TV connected to the internet
    Play videos from Netflix, Hulu, Youtube and surf social networks.
    • Access to movie and music apps like Netflix, Hulu and Pandora.
    • One less remote to worry about if you had to buy a separate smart TV device
    • Fewer devices to plug into your TV.
    • Web browser on your TV is a pain unless using a keyboard
    curved icon curved
    TV is physically curved
    Provide an immersive experience.
    • Good for a group watching from different seating angles.
    • Makes the TV easier to hang on the wall.
    3d icon 3d
    Create a sense of depth perception
    • Good for an extra immersive experience.
    • Very little 3D content available
    • Requires wearing glasses.


    hdmi icon hdmi
    Connect high-definition video and audio to the TV
    Connect your blu-ray video game systems and home theater
    • Good if you have plenty of devices to use such as blu-ray players, DVRs, gaming consoles and media players.
    usb icon usb
    Connect USB devices onto your TV
    Use cameras, camcorders or other USB devices to view photos, listen to music and watch videos
    • Enough to plug in your media storage and a smart TV stick.

    Where can I buy this tv?

    Buying it online will almost always give you the cheapest tv deals compared with your local store.
    1. Read reviews at Amazon.com - Read personal reviews on the Sharp AQUOS HD LC-90LE657U. Find out the experiences people have with this tv.
    2. Buy it at Amazon.com - A really safe and easy way to buy the Sharp AQUOS HD LC-90LE657U online.

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