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Reebok ZigTech 910

How good is this treadmill? Not all treadmills are made for the same purpose. Everyone has different needs. Does the Reebok ZigTech 910 fit your needs?
Reebok ZigTech 910

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      • foldable
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      • weight capacity
      • heart rate monitor
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    One of the best match
    Recommend for
    Running - 100%
    Jogging - 71.4%
    Walking - 57.1%

    The Details

    Are the pros and cons on this treadmill fit what you are looking for?


    price icon price
    The retail price
    Get the most with what you pay for
    the type icon the type
    How the belt will be moved
    • Motorised treadmills will make more noise than manual treadmills
    foldable icon foldable
    Folds the treadmill vertically
    Save extra space and make more room when you are not using it
    • You will be able to fold the treadmill whenever you need the space
    weight capacity icon weight capacity
    How much weight it can hold
    Durable enough to support as much weight as possible
    • Good if you weigh less than 300 pounds.


    heart rate monitor icon heart rate monitor
    Track your heart rate
    Keep you in your target heart zone for better workouts and faster results
    Pulse Grip and Wireless
    • You can track your heart rate without using your hands.
    • Some people feel a little uncomfortable wearing the strap.
    fan icon fan
    Keep cool during your workout
    Stay comfortable by keeping cool during intense workouts
    incline icon incline
    Simulate going uphill
    Reduce impact on your joints and burn more calories faster
    • One of the highest incline treadmills you can get.
    console display icon console display
    Area with control buttons and information on your
    Easy to read display to control and track your workouts
    ipod icon ipod
    Plug your ipod
    Stay motivated listening to your favorite songs.
    iFit icon iFit
    Automatically tracks and records every workout
    Personalize programs that target your specific goals and keep you motivated
    • You can get access to different workouts and simulate running anywhere in the world.
    • You need an internet connection.


    running surface length icon running surface length
    How long the tread belt is
    Have more room to comfortably run
    • You can run your hardest without worrying if you have enough room to stretch your legs.
    • Good length if you are over 6' tall.
    running surface width icon running surface width
    How wide the tread belt is
    Have more room to move side to side
    • You will have a lot of side to side room to work out.
    • 20 inch width is standard.


    the motor icon the motor
    How strong the motor is
    Able to take a lot of abuse from frequent uses
    • Good minimum for running.
    • Good minimum chp for running.
    speed icon speed
    Maximum possible speed you can run
    Add intensity to your workout, burn more calories and boost your performance
    • Good for sprinting and high interval training.
    • Too much speed for walking or jogging.


    frame icon frame
    How long the frame is covered under warranty
    Be financially covered if something happens with the frame
    • Lifetime warranty on the frame is standard.
    • The brand is confident the frame is built to last.
    motor icon motor
    How long the motor is covered under warranty
    Be financially covered if something happens with the motor
    • The warranty covers the motor for a lifetime.
    parts icon parts
    How long the parts are covered under warranty
    Be financially covered if something happens with the parts
    3 years
    • 3 years is the standard for warranty on parts.
    labor icon labor
    How long the labor is covered under warranty
    Be financially covered for labor costs if something needs to be repaired
    1 year
    • 1 year is the standard for labor warranty.

    Where can I buy this treadmill?

    Buying it online will almost always give you the cheapest treadmill deals compared with your local store.
    1. Find it at Amazon.com - A really safe and easy way to buy treadmills online.

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