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Acer ET ET430K Wmiiqppx

How good is this monitor? Not all monitors are made for the same purpose. Everyone has different needs. Does the Acer ET ET430K Wmiiqppx fit your needs?
Acer ET ET430K Wmiiqppx

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    Good match

    The Details

    Are the pros and cons on this monitor fit what you are looking for?


    price icon price
    Retail price
    screen size icon screen size
    Size of the screen measured diagonally
    resolution icon resolution
    Number of pixels that can be displayed
    Have more windows fit into a single screen space
    3840 x 2160


    response time icon response time
    How fast it takes to go from white to black and ba
    Reduce the potential blur
    brightness icon brightness
    Maximum intensity of white
    See clearer in bright rooms
    350 cd/m2
    contrast ratio icon contrast ratio
    Ratio displaying whitest white and blackest black
    Better movie and gaming experience
    panel type icon panel type
    Technologies used in the production
    • Best all around monitor for color accuracy, viewing angles and image quality.
    • Best for photographers and graphic designers.
    • Most expensive panel.
    aspect ratio icon aspect ratio
    Relationship between width and height of an image
    • Widescreen monitor good for gaming or videos.


    hdmi icon hdmi
    Connects digital audio/video to your device
    Supports 4K at 30hz
    displayport icon displayport
    Connects digital audio/video to your device
    Supports 4K at 60hz and common 3D video formats
    dvi icon dvi
    Connects digital video to your device
    usb icon usb
    Plug USB devices on your monitor

    Where can I buy this monitor?

    Buying it online will almost always give you the cheapest monitor deals compared with your local store.
    1. Find it at Amazon.com - A really safe and easy way to buy monitors online.

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    Is the Acer ET ET430K Wmiiqppx a good monitor? Here are what other people are comparing the Acer ET ET430K Wmiiqppx with. Choose up to 3 other monitors to see how well it does.
    Acer ET ET430K Wmiiqppx
    Acer ET ET430K Wmiiqppx monitor

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