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Acer Aspire M5-481T-6831

How good is this laptop? Not all laptops are made for the same purpose. Everyone has different needs. Does the Acer Aspire M5-481T-6831 fit your needs?
Acer Aspire M5-481T-6831

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    • Most Important
      • price
    • Somewhat Important
      • weight
      • hard drive
    • Don't care
      • ssd
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    Really good match
    Recommend for
    Business - 100%
    Entertainment - 100%
    School - 100%
    Gaming - 50%
    Editing - 50%
    Traveling - 50%

    The Details

    Are the pros and cons on this laptop fit what you are looking for?


    type icon type
    Mainstream, Gaming or Ultrabooks
    • Ultrabooks are generally thinner and lighter with very good battery life than mainstream laptops
    • Most do not come with a CD/DVD drive built-in to help reduce the weight and size
    price icon price
    How much it costs at stores
    Save money
    operating system icon operating system
    Program that allows hardware to operate
    Windows 7
    • Good if you prefer the classic 'desktop' look
    weight icon weight
    How heavy the laptop is
    Easier to move your laptop from place to place
    4.3 pounds


    ssd icon ssd
    Like a hard drive except much faster
    Improve everyday PC productivity. Run applications and access all your files faster and smoother.
    • Get faster startup time
    • Not meant to store large files like music and movies
    hard drive icon hard drive
    Stores pictures, videos, music and other files
    More pictures, music, games, videos and files you can store
    • Good average size. Not too much where you are paying more and not too little to limit the things you want to save
    • Makes this laptop weigh a little more


    screen size icon screen size
    Size of the screen measured diagonally
    • Good middleground size with more importance on portability
    resolution icon resolution
    Number of horizontal/vertical pixels on the screen
    Higher resolution will provide better quality image and on-screen text
    1366 x 768
    touchscreen icon touchscreen
    Touch the screen to control the laptop
    Easy and quick way to browse websites, long documents and files on your laptop
    • Good way to cut down costs on the laptop
    • Little to no finger smudges on the screen


    cpu type icon cpu type
    The overall performance of the laptop
    Be able to do intensive tasks like gaming, editing pictures and videos
    Intel Core i5
    • Good for gaming
    • Generates less heat than i7 so battery time can be a little longer
    • A good comprimise between preformence, power, and cost
    cpu speed icon cpu speed

    memory icon memory
    Temporary data storage currently being used
    Be more productive and do more things on your laptop at once.
    • Good size if you play pc games
    • 6gb is a good size for light video and graphics editing
    • This size is a little too much if you only use the internet and type documents
    graphics card icon graphics card
    Hardware that displays the screen
    Be able to smoothly play graphic intensive games
    Intel HD Graphics 4000
    • Not made to play intensive games like Crysis 3 or Battlefield 3
    battery icon battery
    How much charge your battery can hold
    Spend more time on your laptop without charging the battery


    tablet hybrid icon tablet hybrid
    Turn a laptop into a tablet
    Flip the screen around to comfortably browse sites, look at photos and watch youtube
    • A lot of money goes towards the tablet hybrid, so you will save a lot of money not having it
    webcam icon webcam
    Broadcast video on the internet
    Video chat with friends anytime and anywhere you have an internet connection
    Yes mp
    • It has a webcam but not sure how the quality is
    optical drive icon optical drive
    Grab and store data on CDs, DVDs or Blu-ray
    Be able to watch movies from your DVD
    DVD Burner
    • Good if you want to play music and movies from CDs and DVDs
    • It adds extra weight to the laptop
    card reader icon card reader
    Read and write data on a memory card
    Conveniently transfer pictures from your camera's memory card directly to your laptop
    bluetooth icon bluetooth
    Connect to other bluetooth devices wirelessly
    Wirelessly connect to other bluetooth-enabled devices like printers and phones, eliminating wires
    • Good if you have bluetooth devices to connect to
    • Reduces cable clutter when connecting to bluetooth enabled devices
    numeric pad icon numeric pad
    Keyboard area to easily type numbers
    Improve productivity with an accurate and faster way to enter large amounts of numbers
    • Good if you want more room on your keyboard
    • Type a lot of numbers slower without a dedicated numeric pad
    backlit keyboard icon backlit keyboard
    Light up the keys on the keyboard
    Easily type in low light conditions


    usb 2.0 icon usb 2.0
    Connect different devices to your computer
    usb 3.0 icon usb 3.0
    Connect different devices to your computer faster
    Transfer heavy files at speeds up to ten times faster than USB 2.0
    hdmi icon hdmi
    Share the laptop screen on your HDTV
    Share high-end multimedia from your laptop to your TV
    • You will be able to connect your laptop to any HDTV

    Where can I buy this laptop?

    Buying it online will almost always give you the cheapest laptop deals compared with your local store.
    1. Find it at Amazon.com - A really safe and easy way to buy laptops online.

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