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How good is this headphone? Not all headphones are made for the same purpose. Everyone has different needs. Does the JVC HAFR6W fit your needs? Read reviews at Amazon.com

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    The Details

    Are the pros and cons on this headphone fit what you are looking for?


    type icon type
    How you wear the headphone.
    In ear
    • Good if you want to keep sound from coming out.
    • Saves a lot of space and its very lightweight.
    • Does not mess up your hair.
    • It goes into your ear canal.
    • Cords might get tangled.
    • Bass tone will always lack compared to over the ear.
    • It causes pain faster if you plan to use it for hours.
    price icon price
    How much it costs retail.


    wireless icon wireless
    Connect to a device without any cables.
    Avoid the cord getting in the way of what you are doing.
    • Keeps the overall price cheaper.
    • Having a cable means you do not need to worry about refilling batteries.
    bluetooth icon bluetooth
    Connect your headphone with a Bluetooth device.
    No more cords getting in the way.
    microphone icon microphone
    Comes with a built in microphone.
    Talk on the phone or your computer without having a separate microphone.
    • Talk directly using your headphone without using your phone's mouthpiece.
    noise canceling icon noise canceling
    Actively cancel ambient sound by process.
    Enjoy music by minimizing surrounding noise.
    noise isolating icon noise isolating
    Physically muffles ambient noise.
    Enjoy your music without raising the volume high.
    • Reduces the amount of background noise coming in.
    • Higher chance of playing music at a lower volume. You do not need to turn it up to drown out the background noise.
    • A good seal will enhance the bass and low-end frequencies music.
    • It creates a rustling noise when you are moving your headphone.
    phone control icon phone control
    Control your phone with the headphone.
    Stop, pause, play and control your music without touching your phone.
    • Have control over the audio without touching your phone.
    foldable icon foldable
    Fold your headphone.
    Make it easier for you to store away.

    Where can I buy this headphone?

    Buying it online will almost always give you the cheapest headphone deals compared with your local store.
    1. Read reviews at Amazon.com - Read personal reviews on the JVC HAFR6W. Find out the experiences people have with this headphone.
    2. Buy it at Amazon.com - A really safe and easy way to buy the JVC HAFR6W online.

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